Policy of FollowerYab

Be sure to read the following rules carefully before using the FollowerYab robot, the user is responsible for not reading the rules before using the site

  • Deposits to FollowerGet are non-refundable in any way, so be careful in choosing packages and payment amount, and before buying all the terms of use of FollowerGet on this page and the "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Help" pages to Read thoroughly and check the user panel.
  • FollowerGet protects your account information and settings related to your account and uses them only to communicate with Instagram servers.
  • To attract followers from the user, the followerGet activity on his Instagram account and sends followers, followers, likes and comments, so registering an Instagram page on the site constitutes permission for the user to work on the instagram account.
  • Conclusion of the attracted followers depends on the subject of the account and the number and quality of the account content and how the user works on the account and makes the appropriate settings in the followerGet, therefore the followerGet does not guarantee your income or the performance of your account.
  • To use the app and site and register your Instagram account, your account must have at least 40 posts and 400 followers, and two months must have passed since its creation. If there is a problem due to non-compliance with this and other items listed on the FAQ page for your Instagram account, it will be the responsibility of the user. If due to non-compliance with the above conditions related to the number of posts and the number of followers and account life, there is a problem, including continuous blocking or interruption of the robot or other things for the account, it is the responsibility of the user.
  • FollowerGet has no responsibility for the content you post on the accounts and only provides automatic services.
  • FollowerGet is not responsible for any problems that may arise for your instagram account because the problems are due to many factors such as the content of your account and the degree of protection of your account information and security issues.
  • The speed of receiving a follower depends on many parameters such as the appropriate settings in the followerGet and account username, account subject, account description, profile photo, number of posts, quality of posts, type of content provided, type of services provided, etc. And the followerGet does not guarantee the exact number of followers you have purchased, but it does guarantee that it will eventually attract the same number of followers to your account.
  • To use FollowerGet, you need to enter the password of the Instagram account, and FollowerGet only connects the account directly to Instagram. If you do not want to enter a password, please refrain from purchasing.
  • In order to use FollowerGet, you need to have the FollowerAet application installed on your phone.
  • It is the responsibility of the user not to study the rules and regulations carefully and how the robot works and not to pay attention to the explanations and items listed in the main page, help page and frequently asked questions.
  • Any copying of the site, application, name, photo, logo or use of the FollowerGet is prosecuted.
  • It is possible to change the terms of use of the site and the user is obliged to always be aware of the terms and conditions and explanations contained in the website when using the followerGet, and using the followerGet at any time means accepting the explanations and rules.